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Leather coming from the best European slaughterhouses.

Leathers are not all the same! The heads of cattle are bred all over the world with methods which can be very different from one another and this affects the quality of coat.
Dorà uses leathers coming from the best European slaughterhouses only. The most rigorous selection is carried out on these leathers and, as a result, only five pieces of leather out of one hundred are usually picked out as appropriate.

Only quality?

The leather can reserve surprises that are commonly called ‘defects’: scratches, scars, cuts, insects bites, wrong salting and conservation, let alone the typical problems of goods coming from exotic countries and South America, such as marks made with hot iron by breeders or humps of some cattle breeds.


This kind of imperfection is not usually accepted by the final user, therefore tanners do their best to modify the surface of the leather in order to hide the defects and to make the final product more regular and more sight pleasing. However, all this leads to the deterioration of the good properties of leather: transpirability, naturalness, pleasantness to the touch, smell – in short to the detriment of the awareness of having a natural and alive product in hand. On the contrary, selecting excellent leather allows us to minimize the interventions of correction and to maintain the naturalness of the leather as much as possible.