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Dorà leather is characterized by important thickness, considerably higher than what you can usually find in industrial manufacturing.

Dorà items start from a thickness of 1.6 mm in order to obtain smooth and grainless products Then, through an intermediate thickness of 2.0-2.2 mm we reach  three and four millimeters,  our most characteristic products.


Leather’s thickness is of fundamental importance when dealing with upholstery. A high thickness allows to obtain a stronger leather that can be both time and wear resistant, soft and tough by nature, and works well with goose feather filling and in furniture items meant to last long.


A high thickness is also necessary if we need to emphasize leather’s natural grain and physical structure, namely its wrinkles and veins, that identify the leather as a natural and alive product. Above all, a leather of high thickness is an important and rich leather; it is surely more expensive and harder to get and process, but it is of excellent quality also.


In the ‘retanning’ stage, the leathers are immersed into large wooden drums, in which they receive products: greases, resins, oils and dyes  which will allow to get the required features. Obviously, the thicker the leather is, the larger quantity of essential products and colouring agents will be absorbed and, consequently, the leather will be much stronger and much more resistant. A sofa made with Dorà leather defies the decades!